A list of terms and their definitions commonly used in the fashion industry among models and creatives.

Comp Cards: A models equivilent of a business card. It has photos, measurements and the agencies details for booking enquiries.

Mother Agent/Agency: A models first agency/Agent. This is often in the city they are 'based' in, a mother agency is most likely the agency who first signed you or discovered you. They are your primary agency and work with any overseas/interstate agencies is processed through them.

Book/Portfolio/Folio: This is a models portfolio of their completed shoots, this is either a digital folio on an iPad or a printed folio.

Casting: A casting is a models audition, where you meet a client to audition for a job. The client often looks through your book , takes a few photos and may get you to try on some garments or do a walk (if it is a runway casting).

Go See: This is where you go meet with a creative or a client, it is not for a job but rather for them to meet you and so possibly consider you for future work.

Digis/Digitals/Polaroids: Photos taken on a digital camera of a model in clothing or bikini/underwear, looking very natural. These photos are taken to be sent to clients to see what a model looks like in person.

Model Kit: A collection of essentials any model may need on a photoshoot, that may be expected of you to have.

Contract: An agreement with an agency to sign with them, will probably include a minimum number of years to be signed with them and minimum notice to give before moving agencies.

Guarantee Contract: A contract with an agency likely in asia, that is an agreement on a number of days staying in the country and a agreed payment amount.

Lookbook: A collection of images of a designers collection for showcasing to stockists and clients. Sometimes is used on a brands website.

Ecommerce: Images shot especially to sell products through and online store.

Editorial: A fashion shoot usually 6-12 images, shot for a magazine fashion spread.

Advertorial: A fashion shoot similar to an editorial but the shoot is sponsored by a brand or product and is featured in all the images. Often pays better than an editorial.

Fitting: An appointment when a client gets you to try on garments before a shoot/show/other, to check that the items fir properly or that you suit the style. Sometimes paid, sometimes unpaid.

Booking fee: The rate your agency will charge clients for processing a booking, on top of the models rate.

Commission: The rate/percentage an agency will charge their models per job for their representation.

Certificate of ResidencyAn Australian taxation certificate that prevents models paying tax overseas while they work. Instead they will have to pay tax on earnings overseas, in Australia instead.

Test Shoot: An unpaid photoshoot done for the purpose of building a model or other creative's portfolio.

Submission Shoot: An unpaid photoshoot done for the purpose of submitting it to magazines to be published. These images are not available for use in a models portfolio until after they have been published or have been deemed unable to publish.

Editorial Model: A model who shoots mainly editorials and high fashion.

Commercial Model: A model who shoots predominantly commercial work like campaigns, catalogues etc.

Change Scarf: A scarf used to put over the head and hair whilst changing into and out of garments to prevent staining the garment, and/or damaging the makeup or hairstyle. This can be any scarf and does not refer to a particular type.

On stay: This refers to travelling to a city and living there for an extended period of time, to pursue modelling work.

Direct booking: A direct booking is when a client books a model for a job without casting them first. This is often achieved by the client looking on an agency website and choosing a model by their portfolio and digitals only.