Tips To Help Ease Homesickness

Travelling is a part of the modelling lifestyle. You may travel half way across the world and you may travel for months at a time without returning home. It is only natural that many models would suffer from homesickness. Being homesick can really put a downer on a models trip. You are meant to be having fun and exploring someplace you haven't been before and yet all you want to do is stay in your room and Skype your family.

Have a travel size candle in a scent you have at home, or one that reminds you of home. Take it with you wherever you go and light it when you start feeling homesick. Let the familiar scent calm your nervous and soothe the mind.

Take your own pillow with you. Not only will you be physically more comfortable, your pillow will have smells of home and a familiarity about it that could help to ease your homesickness.

Get out and explore. Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring somewhere new may distract you for a while and it will help you feel more familiar and comfortable in your new location.

Make some friends. Having social interaction may help to lessen any feelings of isolation and it can also help to distract you. Having fun is the best fix for homesickness! So ask one of your housemates, or a model at your next casting if they want to get lunch, coffee or do some sightseeing.

Set up a private blog and share your day to day experiences and photos with your friends and family. Odds are they will be dead jealous and it may help you feel lucky in the experience you have been given.

Exercise! Exercising may be one of the biggest fixes to feeling down in the dumps. Get up early in the morning and go for a long walk, a jog, or a workout at the gym. Exercise can increase 'feel good' endorphins in the brain and you are more likely to start your day with a happy positive mind set.

Create a personal space for yourself with some things that remind you of home. Stick up some photos, post cards and have other familiar things to surround you. Having your own space will give you somewhere to retreat to when you need some time alone.

Avoid calling home too often. This may be the hardest tip to implement. I have seen a lot of girls who call home constantly. They Skype their mum, best friend or boyfriend for an hour or more overnight. And you know what, they are the people who are the most homesick. Calling home (especially video calling) too often can have you suffering from FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) and can stop you from enjoying your time away. Instead of spending your nights at home sad about missing out on the dinner your friends at home are all at, get out of the house and do something they will be jealous of. It's ok to call home sometimes but don't waste all your spare time doing so. Keeping up to date through a short 10-minute call or text messages through the day will be ample!
I mostly call home once every few days for 30 minutes or once a day for 5-10 minutes, and I prefer to keep in contact through text messages with my boyfriend letting him know what I'm up to throughout the day. On the days where we Skype for a half hour and I see my three little dogs in the video call - those are the days that I struggle the most.

Plan a holiday or event for when you get home. Having something to look forward to will get you excited counting down the days. Plan a girls weekend, some catch up drinks or a quick trip to bali with your boyfriend. You will be so busy making plans and organising things that you might just forget how much you are missing home. Keeping busy will help to keep your mind distracted.

hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you. Let me know how you cope with feeling homesick. Let me know in the comments below.