The 9-5 workday for Models

It's no secret that models have crazy schedules often lacking regularity. To succeed in any industry you need to work hard and modelling is no different. 

I introduce you to The Models workday.
For models wanting to kick arse and get things done, readjusting their life to adopt a disciplined work routine will bring structure and achieve career goals in a methodical manner.

The 9-5 workday works along the basis that 9am-5pm on weekdays should be treated as a work day. 9-5 may not work for everyone, but set aside a window of time that suits you, where you can work uninterrupted for a long enough period to achieve your goals.

No shoots or castings on today? No problem. Just spend your day doing something that is related to work that will help benefit your career.

Can't think of anything to do? Here are a few model-orientated duties you can tend to:

  • Have a mani/pedi. Or DIY and give yourself one. Having primed and neat hands and toes may help you get that shoe/jewellry campaign you are casting for tomorrow. 
  • Spend a few hours working out. Whether you hit the gym or go for a hike, swim or dog walk, you will be assisting your body keep slim and toned. As your body is your product and business you need to keep it in tip top shape. Try going to a fitness class of your choosing. They money spent will be a great investment.
    Check out my post '10 Minutes Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving The House' for some fun workout videos!
  • Do some yoga. Flexibility is your friend in an industry where bending yourself into impossible and uncomfortable positions is your everyday. It will help you feel more comfortable and work better, plus you could end up shooting for a yoga label.
  • Work on your social media. Schedule some posts, take some photos for future posting, or do some research to up your instagame.
    Read my article 'Making The Most Of Your Social Media' for ideas.
  • Organise your financials. Chase up unpaid invoices, create a budget, organise receipts for tax time. 
  • Make future plans. Where are you off to next? Sit down and write a plan.
  • Learn a new skill. Acting, surfing, horse riding and other outdoor sports could benefit you in some photoshoots.
  • Learn a language. All it takes is 15 minutes a day. Learning a language that will be useful in markets that you frequent can definitely help you to get some jobs such as TVCs where you may need to speak a language other than your mother tongue. It also can impress clients at castings.
  • Eat healthy. meal prep or plan for the week.
  • Make goals. Create a list of goals for the week/month/year and take steps towards achieving them.
  • Do a face mask or treatment. Good skin is an asset in this industry!
  • Whiten your teeth. A bright smile is never a bad thing, and it can be good for beauty and commercial work.

So get up out of bed, get dressed like you are going to a proper job and get stuff done!