Take The Perfect Selfie

Overtime you scroll through your newsfeed you are bound to see a selection of selfies. So it would seem that taking a selfie surely can not be that hard, can it? Think again. 

Taking a selfie in its basic form is not difficult, as all you need is a face and a camera. BUT taking a really good selfie, well there is a whole lot more to it. In this day and age where social media is a way to brand yourself and build a reputation/image, taking a perfect selfie is an important skill to possess.

So what is involved in a good selfie? Let me take your through the steps.

Do the Prep work.
Looking your best is definitely going to help. Whether you choose to master the makeup-free look, the natural look  or go all out with the super contour kardashian look. It is up to you what style you choose but taking some time in your appearance will help.

Check out these makeup guides:

Don't forget the hair!
Natural waves with a bit of texture, and undo or glamorous curls beat oily flat hair anyday.

Find the light.
Finding perfect lighting will help assist to flatter the face and can also give a story if experimented with. Front on, diffused lighting is the best. Try standing in front of a window (with a sheer white curtain is even better) and try taking a few photos in different lighting. Front on lighting is best for me, and it can help chisel cheekbones and even skintone.

Whats behind you?
Next step is thinking about the background of a photo. What is behind me? Simple backgrounds are less distracting and leave the viewer focusing on your face instead. Sometimes a background can create a story or context. Are you at the park? In your room? in the car?
Background fails are common, so check exactly what you can see before posting any images. I've personally received selfies that people did not realise there was a reflection in the window behind them of their bare bottom. HAHA!

Selfie stick or no selfie stick?
Granted the selfie stick has a poor reputation, but if you are flying solo and want a photo of you in a location with scenery or a landmark, this is probably just the tool for you. A selfie stick can also be handy when there are a few people in the photo and your arm just isn't long enough...

Adjust the settings.
Making use of the simple iPhone camera settings (or other smart phones) is very under done. But with just two tools you can improve your selfies ten-fold. Focus on the focal point of the image i.e. your face. Do this by holding down on the screen where you want the focus until it locks in place. Then you can alter the brightness/exposure of the image (after focus lock) by running your finger up or down the image. This will help to brighten dark images and to darken over exposed images.

Quality matters.
If you really want to take a good selfie, quality matters. Try taking photos on a professional camera or at the very least using the back camera on your phone. YES i know you can't see yourself on the screen so its harder to pose BUT after practice you will now exactly how to get it right and the images will be way better quality. Back when I was a teen all photos were taken on proper digital cameras and you could never see the image until after you took it.

Time to edit.
Whether or not to edit an image is all down to your preference. Retouching personal images is a bit controversial. Yes we should all love ourselves for who we are, but editing out that pimple would make the image so much better. 
Editing your images to help curate a feel and neaten the images is ok, but try to avoid overediting. Step away from the smooth tool and take the stark white teeth back a notch.
Instead of heavy editing I prefer a more natural approach and try just to change the colour balance. A bit of brightness, add some contrast and saturation and we are good to go.

Yay it is finally time to share your image. Woohoo. Now that you have taken a great selfie and picked your favourite one all thats left to do it upload it!

Do you have any special tricks to getting the perfect selfie? Let me know in the comments below.