Making the most of your social media

Social Media seems to be growing in importance every year. It now may be one of the most important ways to market yourself in the fashion industry as well as many other industries. This being said it is a good idea to try and make the most of your social media accounts and really try to utilise them to their full potential.

Here are some guidelines to follow to assist you in building your personal brand and making the most of your social media including but not limited to: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In etc...

Be Professional -Keep all your content professional with a touch of personal and not the other way around. Avoid getting too personal in forms of comments, updates etc...

Stay classy - Keep your images and comments tasteful, you are selling your brand. Overly sexual or aggressive photos could cheapen your brand and are thus discouraged.

Don't buy followers or likes - Try to build your following organically, yes it will probably take a bit longer but clients want to see that you have a genuine following, especially if they are wanting to pay you for a sponsored post.

Stay Positive - Mood is infectious, spread happiness and positivity not negativity. Try to write happy or inspiring status updates and comments. Avoid getting too personal or talking about dramas, relationships or negativity.

Don't drink and post - Avoid drunken updates, they will most likely be embarrassing anyway. Social media is a way to promote and advertise your brand. Being a drunken mess online probably won't help your image.

Upload good quality images - It goes without saying that a clear, well lit image will be more aesthetically pleasing and popular than a blurry, dark image. Think about it. Using a post scheduling app/website can help you to upload higher quality images than on your phone.
Try to make written posts as valuable as possible by creating good quality content.

Use a variety of images - Uploading 180 photos of you in a bikini at the beach, caught in a "candid" moment may get you a big following but it will probably also pigeon hole your market. You may risk becoming the "candid-bikini-girl". This could affect the type of work you are booked for. Instead aim for a variety of different inspirational styles of images and scenarios to add some versatility to your brand. 
Don't know what to post?? Look to influencers and peers for some inspiration!

Don't give out your address - This is seriously a no-brainer!
 If you wish to have packages sent to you, set up a PO Box at your local post office. Alternatively you can give clients/brands the postal address for your Agency and pick up your gifts/products from there.

Credit your photos - If you can remember who the creatives were who helped to create your image, remember to credit them adequately in the main comment under the photo. Simply tagging them in the image is not enough. Posting photos that you do not own is illegal copyright infringement. If you do not remember then quote that in your comment, and if notified of relevant creatives be sure to edit your image comment to give credit, where credit is due.

Refer to your agency - Any booking requests should go through your agency if you belong to an influencers division or if it states that in your agency contract. Before negotiating any rates be sure to direct the client to your agency directly. This is to protect your rights and help to prevent any exploitation or underpayment.

Post at peak periods - Run an analytics test and find out what time of the day and what days of the week that your followers are most active and then post at those times and on those days (if you don't post daily).

Post regularly - Post content daily to keep followers engaged. At least try to upload weekly if you cannot post daily. Remember that it is better to upload high-quality content less regularly, than to upload low quality content often. Go for quality over quantity but still aim for regularity. Avoid overwhelming your followers with too any updates.

Engage with your audience - If someone reach out to you via comment/share etc, try to engage with them in return (it's as simple as a comment or even just a "Thanks") that person may be more likely to continue to engage with you, than if you simply ignore their comment. Interact with your fellow grammers, this may lead to returned engagement from them. Be sure to comment genuinely and reply to your messages. As the saying goes " You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."


Was this post helpful? Do you have any questions about social media? Let me know in the comments below!