How To Prepare For A Lingerie Shoot

A lingerie shoot can be a little daunting if you are not used to it. Posing can vary from your standard fashion shoots. It takes a lot of confidence to parade around in your knickers all day. But confidence is key to looking great on the shoot.

Preparing for a lingerie is somewhere in-between preparing for a normal fashion shoot and preparing for a nude shoot.

Here are my top tips for looking your best in only half the clothes! 

The week before:

Waxing - You want to wax at least a few days before to avoid any redness and bumps.

Avoid over exposure to the sun - A sun burn could jeopardise the whole shoot.

Drink plenty of water - For healthy luminous skin

Exercise daily - To help enhance your muscle tone and to keep you lean, but most importantly feeling confident and good about your body.

Avoid salty foods and alcohol - They may cause you to retain more water.


The night before:

Shower, Shave, Moisturise - If you are shaving then do so the night before. Pay special attention to exfoliating in the shower (unless you have a spray tan) and lather on moisturiser before bed time. Hydrating the skin will help it to look soft, healthy and luminous at your shoot.

Clean Hair - Wash your hair the night before to ensure it is nice and clean for the hair stylist.

Give yourself a Mani/Pedi - Remove any old nail polish, file your nails to a uniform neat shape, apply a coat of clear polish. You will have created a clean smooth base for any nail polish they may apply on the shoot and it will help to avoid any staining of the nail bed from the polish. If they don't apply any polish then you will have clean photo-ready nails already!

Plan your route - Knowing where you are going and how to get there will help you arrive on time. Also check the weather conditions and the traffic predictions, give yourself extra time to deal with any set backs like heavy rain, roadworks or traffic jams. I recommend always being 15 minutes early to your shoots. It will likely impress the client and leave a good impression.

Pack your handbag with everything you will need on the day - This way you can be prepared for everything and you won't have to stress trying to do it in the morning. Packing your handbag last minute may cause you to forget things. <insert HANDBAG SHOOT GUIDE here>

Get your Beauty Sleep - 8 hours would be ideal. See my post <insert link to BEAUTY SLEEP here!> for a simple guide on getting the best beauty sleep before your shoot.

Fit in a good high intensity workout - This will help you to feel a bit tighter and toned and it can really help with your confidence!


On the day:

Use a clear deodorant to prevent leaving white marks on the lingerie or having white armpits.

Have a light breakfast - Eat something that will fill you up but not bloat you. Try my recipe for (Healthy!) Blueberry Pancakes which was created especially for this, thanks to Hannah Noonan from A Gut Reaction.

Pack a lunchbox -Sometimes the catering may not be very lingerie friendly. Try to pack a lunch that is light and healthy so you are prepared and won't feel self conscious after lunch. Check out these options 4 Lunchboxes for on the Go.

Wear loose clothing - Avoid tight jeans/tops/dresses, instead opt for loose comfortable  clothing that won't leave marks on the skin. Perhaps go bra-free before your shoot for this reason.

Drink plenty of water - Stay hydrated, happy and alert.

Feel confident and have fun - You will look your best if you are not feeling self conscious. Feeling shy or embarrassed will affect your body language and will affect your energy on set. If you are comfortable with your body and try to feel sexy and have fun, your images will turn out so much better. Let your inner goddess out!


What do you do before a Lingerie shoot? Do you have any special tips? Let me know in the comment section!

Millie xx