Tips On Packing For Overseas Trips

Going on an extended trip overseas? A working holiday perhaps?
Most likely you are going for somewhere between 6 weeks to 3 months or more. This makes packing your suitcase a very big task. Extra baggage is both expensive and a pain to lug around.  
This is why it is important to pack as little as possible while not compromising and missing out on things you will wish you'd had.

I'm going to be honest here and state that I packed terribly for my current overseas trip and now I'm stuck with it all for four months. So due to my many experiences of badly packed suitcases, I have finally figured out the best tips for how to pack efficiently.

The key is to pack smarter. Instead of packing outfits, pack pieces that are neutral and versatile, easy to pair with anything else you are taking. Choose colours that will all work well together. Some universal colours/patterns are: Black, white, grey, stripes, navy & denim.

Think minimal.

Tanks, singlets, tees, shorts, pants & skirts are great pieces as there are so many outfit opportunities. Try to pack items with a similar style to ensure all items work as mix and match. Simple dresses are an outfit in themselves  are easy to layer. Choose more simple styles and colours to give yourself the maximum outfit opportunities.

What you will pack will also depend on the weather you are going into. If it is warm weather you are travelling to you will likely need only one sweater or jacket. If it is cold weather you are travelling to then you will want to pack a few light weight knits that you can layer for warmth. If you pack smart items that are versatile you can get away with one of each.


You're stuff will inevitably take up more room on the way back from your trip as you may have a few new purchases to account for. It is better to have more space in your bag and under pack for your trip, than to have to pay for an extra or overweight bag.

P.S. If you do have overweight bags, purchase extra baggage prior to your flight, it is so much cheaper than paying at the airport!

Use multipurpose items.

Items with multiple purposes are worth their weight in gold when packing light for a trip. The more uses one item has the less things you will need to pack. Multipurpose balms are great you can use them on your lips, cuticles, hands, dry skin, scratches etc...
Large scarves can be used as a towel, scarf, blanket, picnic blanket, sarong, laundry bag, shoal etc..

Pack Travel size items.

The tiny hairdryer you picked up as a gift and have never used will be a great addition to your bag. The tiny size might mean it takes longer to dry your hair but the extra space it leave you with will be useful for something else.

The cosmetic samples you get from places like Mecca or Sephora are perfect for this. Either use the sample size cosmetics or reuse the small containers and fill with the products you usually use. Be honest no one can use an entire lipstick or tube of foundation in 6-12 weeks. I stumbled across a cool company the other day called Stow Away CosmeticsAll of their products are pint sized and perfect for travelling.


Take your valuables in your carry on.

Packing your valuables in your carry on bag is a great option to reduce the risk of theft whilst in transit and it also is great for if your luggage is lost or arrives later than you. Keeping your valuables close may also help to ease your mind and reduce stress during your flight.

Pack a Spare outfit.

It wasn't until I had a few flights where my suitcase was delayed/lost and flights were delayed for long periods of time, that I realised the importance of having a change of clothes. I recommend that you pack a spare outfit and at least 1-2 pairs of spare underwear. Unexpected things can happen, and sometimes they do but they won't be so bad if you are prepared.

Get travel insurance.

Investing in travel insurance may save you a lot of grief in the long run in the case that anything goes wrong on your trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

I found a travel insurance recently which covers you for a whole year. No matter where you travel, and it was so much cheaper than buying travel insurance separately for each trip. Here is the link to the cover that I used with TID.

(Please note: I am not affiliated/sponsored/associated with any companies in any way.I simply refer to products that I find fit the application appropriately.)
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