Essential Apps For Freelance Models

As a freelance model you have a much harder task of finding modelling jobs than an agency-signed model does. Mainly because you don't have an agency to do it for you.

This puts a lot more responsibility on you to market yourself effectively. There are some apps and websites however that make this a lot easier for you, and so I have compiled some information in this post to get you started!



Swipecast is like a agency in your pocket, besides connecting you with other creatives, Swipecast also can connect you for jobs and even offers a service where you are paid from a job through the app. This app really puts you in control and run your whole career from the palm of your hand on one easy to use app. 

SWIPECAST is the new paradigm for the creative industry - a discovery and booking platform for today’s image makers. Our members are part of a carefully curated community of talent, creatives, and tastemakers.
— The App Store

COLAB  free

This is basically tinder for models - minus the naughty bits. This app allows you to swipe left or right on industry creatives. You can view creatives profiles and decide who you want to make connections with. Download this app to take control of your freelance modelling.

Welcome to Co:lab your Producer in your pocket.

Whether you are a Photographer, Stylist, Model, Hair and Makeup Artist, Designer or Assistant, Co:lab ensures that you connect and collaborate with your chosen team to fulfil your creative project.

Made for you by artists and professionals, join Co:lab to discover endless creative and commercial opportunities to be showcased on your personalised online platform and portfolio.
— The App Store


Model Mayhem is a well know website for models and other creatives to make connections and organise shoots. The only problem is that there are no requirements for models and other creatives for joining the site so as a result there are many amateurs on the site. If you are to use this site for organising photo shoots then be very careful and selective about who you decide to work with.

FYI: Just remember that a bad photoshoot does have the potential to ruin your image/reputation so be very careful who you work with!

Model Mayhem is the #1 portfolio website for professional models and photographers. Create a profile, upload your photos and connect with other professionals.


Facebook has a lot of groups that you can request to join or can be invited to if you know the right people. Ask around to other freelance models or photographers for groups they know about, and get them to invite you into the group. There are groups for every city and there are a lot of shoots going on paid and unpaid. 

Just be sure to always do a bit of a background check on whoever you are considering working with. You don't want to work with anyone who is unprofessional or who's work is not at the right level. 


Instagram has evolved over the past few years dramatically. It is the easiest way to publicly market yourself as a model. Having a professional and consistent Instagram feed is optimum for marketing yourself and bypass the need for an agent. Instagram allows you to grab the attention of professional photographers and other creatives in the industry. You can also catch the eye of brands and designers for collaborations and sponsored posts or photoshoots.

Do your research and find out how to market yourself on Instagram efficiently. Curating a strong profile can build you a successful modelling career as a social media influencer and could even lead you to being picked up by an agency - if thats what you want.

Models who have done this include models like Piah Mulenbeck, Mimi Lashiry, and countless more. These models started out agency-free with a dream of modelling and now are some of the most famous Instagram models out there.

Building a freelance modelling career is difficult and requires a lot of hard work, especially if you want to become more than just an amateur model and make a name for yourself. With the advancements in technology is is now easier than ever to become a successful freelance model - all you need to do is believe in yourself and build a strong brand and reputation.

I hope these tips are helpful. Do you have any other resources that help freelance models? Let me know in the comments below.