5 Apps That All Models Need

In this day and age, your mobile phone is probably one of your most valuable possessions - especially as a working model.
Without it you can hardly do your job these days. There seems to be an app for every separate task these days. I have scoured through the never ending list of apps to find the most essential apps that I think every model needs in their life, and on their phone.

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1. Google Maps.

This may be THE most important app of them all. Google maps will help you get to all your castings, fittings, shoots and other appointments - no matter where in the world you are.

My favourite part is that you can see how the walking, cycling, public transport, driving and taxi times compare. AND it will often provide you with a taxi estimate also! (Talk about convenience.)

I use this app for public transport and walking in nearly every country that I travel to.

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2. INTO App.

The into app is a place where agency-signed (Sorry freelancers!) models, actors & influencers, etc, can go to find special offers in a few major cities.

The app designers are based in Sydney but have deals in major cities like Munich, LondonMelbourne and they are expanding to other cities including New York.

This app is especially great for trying out new deals in an area you are living.
You can get discounts or free products in exchange for the chance of you posting a photo on your socials. Posting of photos is not required BUT if you liked the product/service you received, it is a good idea to post a photo as a thank you to the brand/company.

There are offers for a few categories:

-Bars, Restaurants & Cafes
-Cultural, Arts & Entertainment
-Fashion & Shopping
-Hair & Beauty
-Health & Fitness

You will need to apply to be able to access this app as they only accept agency-signed influencers. After you apply you will get a response stating whether your application was accepted or not.

Info Page.
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I literally just discovered this app.
My housemate, and fellow model showed me this and I could not believe my prayers had been answered!

UNUM is an app for Instagram described as "The app to up your Instagram game."

This app helps you to design your instagram feed and helps you to edit, order, caption and schedule your instagram feed, as well as having a small analytics section too. Yay! 

This app is SUPER easy to use and doesn't cost a cent! That's a double win in my books. 

Download.  Free

4. Social Folio

Your portfolio on the go. Carry a copy of your portfolio on your mobile and your iPad. If you use this in your mobile you will always have a portfolio in your pocket for any unexpected appointments and for clients on a shoot who want to see your book, but you didn't think to bring it.

This app makes customising your portfolio super easy and since its latest update it can link to your instagram for added social media insights.

This app does cost you a few dollars, but it is really the only app of its kind for models that helps you to easily create a portfolio (there are options to create multiple portfolios now too) and to link that with your social media.

Download.   AU$7.99

5. Command

This app is great for models working hard on their social media presence. This app allows you to see your instagram engagement summarised. It has sections to check when to post, most and least liked posts, engagement graphs for likes and comments daily/weekly/monthly, your best and worst followers and much more. 

Best part is this app is FREE (unlike a majority of it's competitors) and its really easy to use.
There are a few aspects of the app that you will need to pay to get but I haven't needed them yet personally.

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I hope this post was helpful . Have you discovered any amazing apps that you would like to share? Let me know in the comment section below.