Aussie Models With Blogs You Need to Read

Here is my pick of the Aussie model blogs you need to start reading today. Everything from fashion to beauty and food - these ladies know what they are talking about. 

Katie Ball

An Australian Model and nutritionist currently living in London. She is a food writer for Harpers Bazaar in UK, and has a website choc-a-bloc full of delicious recipes and gorgeous photography.

Katie believes in eating good food. If you want cake you can have cake but skip the store bought version and bake your own! That's how you know what's in it, and it's so rewarding too.

Speaking of cake... here is a link to her recipe for Layered Spiced Summer Berry Sponge. Yum!

Courtney James

Aussie model and nutritionist. 

Courtney James is a holistic wellness coach, helping others find balance through nutrition and a mindful lifestyle. A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and world-wide model for 7 plus years, she has experience to assist those with busy lifestyles that may encompass travelling or demanding schedules, to help maintain health and balance when time and knowledge is often limited.

Loving Life Raw is a website intended to share findings that have helped me along my journey to wellness and balance. My hyper sensitivity has been a challenge of mine, that has required persistence and dedication to be able to withstand the demands of an unpredictable career in fashion as well as a nomadic lifestyle. I was inspired to create a platform where I could speak my truth and feel unafraid to do so. I came to realize that we all have a voice and something to offer, and I feel passionate about expressing myself authentically and candidly, which can be refreshing in the current world we live in. I’m passionate about helping others be their healthiest selves, as I know how it feels to not feel at your optimum and how helpful it can be to have the support.
— Courtney James

Check out her post on Using Essential Oils. Originally written for

She not only blogs but Courtney also runs a service for helping support models with their health goals, nutrition and wellbeing. You can email her at to get in contact.

Kim Wainscoat

Aussie Ex-Model and Aspiring Foodie.

Kim creates the most amazing looking and healthy recipes. Eating healthy, whole-food meals doesn't have to be boring. I am personally dying to try the Raw Ferrero Roche Balls. Showing that infact models can and do eat, Kim has built a strong reputation. I personally wait patiently for each recipe update. 

"Kim Wainscoat is an aspiring foodie who’s journey is being documented through her blog/website Perth born and Sydney living she hopes to share with people vegetarian/vegan recipes and show people how easy and tasty wholesome food can be."

Through out my Modelling career I didn’t always have the best relationship with food, love-hate you could say… constantly wanting to cook and create but worrying about how it would affect my body looks wise. Though out travelling I had spare time and began to watch documentaries and talk to people about it, gradually gaining knowledge and realising importance and effect of nourishing foods. When I got back to Sydney I made the decision to end modelling as a career, I had seen in a new light, it excited me and I knew I needed to pursue it. I started to experiment and make recipes at home and thought why not take photos and write up a quick recipe. A year and a half ago I starting as a kitchen hand at a cafe which felt dreamy getting paid to do something I loved which turned into a cook’s role and soon to be ‘head chef’ at my new job that I will be starting this week. A scary but exciting idea that I must take as not many unqualified people are presented with these opportunities. I aim to continue sharing my favourite Vego recipes along my journey, if I can teach people a thing or who while I’m learning then I’ll be pretty stoked too.
— Kim Wainscoat

Try her recipe for Rainbow Rolls , beautiful, healthy and easy to make. The perfect model friendly lunch!

Bridget Malcolm

Bridget is only new to the blogging world, but due to her increasing media attention since becoming a Victorias Secret Model, word about her blog has quickly spread.

Bridget tries to post every second day and so she regularly has new content for you to read. She blogs mostly about her lifestyle, veganism and travel. Check it out.

Read her post on "My diet Mentality" to see what Bridget thinks about diets.

Elyse Knowles

This website is the personal blog of Aussie Model Elyse. It is linked up to her website for her brand "Evryday" and her blog has regular updates about her lifestyle, tips and recent work. If you follow her on Instagram and want to have a bit more insight into the 'Life of Knowlzy', make sure you check it out.

See Elyse's article on How to Workout with a Skateboard for a fun workout idea!

Stephanie Smith & Laura Henshaw

Two Aussies models, run the website and upload recipes, workouts and other things regularly. Most of the website is private and you will need to pay a subscription to read it, but there are some free articles that you can read. The two models started this site after creating their ebook "Keep it Clean". If you love eating whole foods and working out, check out their site.

Read their free to view, recipe for a Healthy Wrap Pizza!


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