A chat with ... Ebony Walton

Full Name: Ebony Lee Walton
Age: 22
Agency: Viviens Model Management
Overseas Agencies: Singapore Mannequin,Hong Kong CalCarries, Milan 2morrow, Germany Modelwerk, LA/Miami Ford. 

Instagram: @ebony_walton

How old were you when you started modelling and how did you get into it?

I was 14 when I first started modelling, My sister and I entered various competitions and I ended coming runner up in the development category for the Viviens & Ford Model search in 2009, and was signed with Viviens. Im from country WA, Geraldton, and decided that completing school was very important, mum would drive me down to Perth for development classes and occasional small jobs. When I was 17 I moved to Perth to begin modelling. 

You have started to build quite a few followers on Instagram. Do you have any tips/secrets for those of us who want to build a larger following?

My following is so tiny in comparison to some girls! Majority of my followers come from my good friend Chloe Polowika (@pegasusunicorn). When she posts photos with me people check out my page and follow me. Keeping active and frequently posting helps build a following. Knowing your general audience and the type of people that are following and why they follow you is important so that you can post stuff they want to see. But in saying all of that, I dont really follow those rules. I think ultimately staying true to yourself and posting what you want on your social media is important, people want to see genuine posts. I try not to get caught up in Instagram too much, although it does play a massive role in the modelling industry today, so its hard to ignore. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

@itsnowcool-Josie is an amazing photographer, the girls always look incredible
@biancanardo-lots of gorgeous fleshy fashion inspired pics
@tuulavintage-Ultimate travel inspo
@brookehogan1-what can I say? the girl is absolutely dreamy
@jadetunchy-appart from being a rig, this girl is hilarious. Check her out on snapchat, you wont regret it. 
@Hannah_perera-cannot deal with this girls body. Ab goals! 

What do you know now that you wish you knew back when you started modelling?

Everything takes time! Be patient, just wait,TRUST YOUR AGENCY. Ultimately modelling is a funny world, and NO ONE can predict what will happen, you cant force anything. Be open and honest with your agency and listen to what they have to say, they are the experts, trust them.

What would you be doing now if you weren't modelling?

I Study Primary Teaching Online. I started 5 years ago, so if it wasn't for all the deferring and going part time caused by modelling, I would be a fully qualified primary teacher. 

You're in a relationship with footballer Simon Tunbridge, how long have you been together and how did you meet?

Simon and I have been together for about 3 years, although it seems like a life time! He plays football for West Coast Eagles, although since we have been together he has been going through a bit of a rough patch with injuries, and has been injured for majority of the last 3 years. Simon grew up in Dongara, and I grew up in Geraldton, they are both neighbouring country towns, we have a lot of mutual friends, and thats how we met.

Ebony with her boyfriend Simon.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Our favourite Cafe is Kinky swell in Scarborough, the eggs Benedict is amazing! would gladly eat that for the rest of my life. 

What are three things you always have with you, besides your phone?

Water bottle, hair elastic around my wrist, comfy shoes. 

How do you keep in shape? Any special exercises or diets?

Simon and I have an almost 3 year old Golden Retriever, Rylee. She is full of energy and keeps me active and walking at least once a day. I started boxing at the start of this year, which at first I thought I would hate because Im not a particularly violent or aggressive person, plus I have tiny twig arms and am very uncoordinated, but I absolutely love it. Simon is currently on Off season for football (holidays), but the boys still have to do some training by themselves, so I will sometimes go and do his running sessions with him-absolutly insane.

What can we expect to see from you in the next 12 months? (what are your plans?)

At the moment the amazing gals at Vivs are working very hard on Visas and negotiating with Ford to get me to LA, plans at this stage are hopefully for sometime early in the year but these things can be very unpredictable, so hopefully at least sometime in 2017. Melbourne is also a market that I may revisit in 2017! I also have a Prac to complete as part of my studies in the second half of 2017 so hoping to get that completed!