4 Drink Swaps To Keep You Trim This Festive Season

Over the festive season it can be hard to keep in shape with all the eating and drinking. To make it a little easier for you here are a few drink swaps so you don't have to sacrifice your model physique over Christmas and New years. 
Wooohoo, I'll drink to that!

Swap the White Wine for Red Wine.

So the calories in white wine and red wine are very similar. In fact redline tends to be stronger in alcohol so is often higher in calories. BUT red wine contains antioxidants Reversterol and Flavonoids which are shown to keep the heart healthy and reduce cholesterol. So while you may not be lowering your calories you will be able to reap a few more health benefits!

Swap your Sugar-filled Cocktails for a Bloody Mary.

Most cocktails contain a lot of juices and are thus filled to the brim with sugar. This means they can be high in calories and fattening.

For example: Tequila Sunrise is 200 cals, Long island iced tea 218 calories, Bloody Mary 120 Cals.

A bloody Mary is lighter in calories and contains ingredients that are good for your health. Tomato juice is shown to : prevent cancers, aid digestion, protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol and has anti inflammatory properties. Plus a whole lot of other benefits.

Swap Traditional Eggnog for a Skinny Eggnog.

Traditional Eggnog is pretty high in fat, sugar and calories. If you can't pass up your Eggnog over the festive season then make your own skinny Eggnog.

Here is a recipe for Skinny Eggnog On Skinnytaste.com. Go check it out!

Swap Bubbly for a Spritzer.

A spritzer is basically just white wine watered down with soda water and ice. It's just like a glass of bubbly but because it is watered down you can drink twice as much! Hooray! And because you are hydrating while you drink you might even have a reduced hangover in the morning. Even better!


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