The Lunchbox Series: Vegan

Today’s post was created by the super talented Hannah Noonan from  ‘A Gut Reaction’.

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What’s for lunch? Vegan lunchbox


If you are vegan and a woman, iron, protein, healthy fats and a wide variety of vegetables and fruit are very important considerations when planning your daily meals.

Chickpeas, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, cashews and quinoa are all good sources of iron, particularly when combined with vitamin C rich foods such as capsicum, strawberries and lemon juice. Healthy fats found in nuts and olive oil are easy items to add to your lunchbox, along with chickpeas and couscous or quinoa for a good protein source.

So check out these vegan options that can provide you with a lunchbox full of nutrients to keep you feeling your best.



Easy to snack on when you’re in a rush, low in sugar, high in fibre and vitamin C, strawberries make a great addition to any lunchbox.

Cashew cheese

Not only do you get the benefit of creamy cashews to make those veggie sticks irresistible, the healthy bacteria formed during the fermentation process will help your digestive system and your body function better.

Nuts and vegan chocolate

Nuts are perfect for a quick snack and if you have a sweet tooth, a few squares of vegan chocolate should hit the spot!

Veggie sticks

Get more nutrients into your diet by eating the rainbow. Raw veggies are easy to prepare, simple to snack on and dipped into the cashew cheese become all that more interesting.

Chickpea salad

Starting with couscous or quinoa, mix in some tinned chickpeas, a few sundried tomatoes, beet leaves, spinach, lemon juice and olive oil and you have an easy main course with little cooking skills required!


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