Model Apartments - What to expect

When travelling to a new city you will often be placed in a 'Model Apartment'. This is an apartment usually owned by a modelling agency or associates, it is set up as a place for models to live temporarily whilst they are on stay. These apartments are usually filled with bunk beds to accommodate the maximum number of models possible. The number of models occupying a model apartment can depend on the time of year. The busiest time of the year in any city is fashion week. During fashion week model apartments may be over-crowded and cramped. Although don't let that put you off, at other times of the year it is not uncommon for the apartment to be inhabited by just a few models.

(This image by @shitmodelmgmt on Instagram is hilarious and a little true.)

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  • Model apartments can encourage social interaction and this may be beneficial when travelling to a city where you have not been before and don't know anyone.
  • It is easy to quickly create a close relationship with one or more of the models that you are living with.
  • It is a good idea to stay in model apartments in new cities as finding alternate accommodation can be difficult when you have not yet travelled to your destination.
  • Model apartments are usually located in areas close to transport and supermarkets and may be near the areas you have most of your appointments and jobs.
  • Often agencies will advance your rent if you stay in their model apartment which may help you to support yourself financially until you start to working. As you don't have to pay for the accommodation out of your own pocket upfront.
  • When living in Asia, model apartments allow you and the other models to be easily chauffeured from your apartment to castings and fittings etc.


  • Model apartments can charge a lot for rent, from $50+ per night. (This depends on the city and agency). This can build up debt quickly, in cities where it can take up to 6 months to be paid for jobs.
  • Models can be messy and cluttered. So the apartment might be a bit messier than you are used to.
  • Sharing a bathroom with multiple other models can make your morning showers and toilet breaks tricky.
  • Some model , I would recommend opting for a female only apartment if you have a choice.
  • Model apartments can be inadequate by means of kitchen equipment and they tend to be plain and cheap.
  • Beds are often bunk beds or sofa beds and can be very uncomfortable and quite short (models are usually 5'8" - 6" tall)
  • It is not uncommon for other models to eat your food from the pantry and fridge.


Get out of the house regularly. Spending all day inside a cramped apartment can be depressing, make sure you get outside a lot. Go for a walk, do an exercise or yoga class , get a coffee with a friend or lunch.

I recommend bringing your own pillow to increase your comfort. Model apartments have a reputation for sometimes having very uncomfortable beds and you may only get one pillow. Bringing you own pillow may increase your comfort and having something familiar can help combat homesickness.

Exercise daily. You will use more energy and it is more likely you will be able to sleep in a shared room if you are not used to it. Exercise also releases positive endorphins which will help keep you feeling happier.

Be respectful of your housemates and clean up after yourself. Like your mother always told you "treat others like how you would like to be treated",  use earphones when listening to music or watching movies etc.., shower quickly and sort out some kind of a schedule with your housemates, from 8pm avoid the bedroom unless sleeping, clean up after yourself don't leave your dishes for a week.

Give yourself lots of time to get ready in the morning. Sharing a bathroom with a few people can mean you all end up wanting to shower at the same time. Either schedule times  with your housemates or make sure you are up earlier and showered before them so you don't run out of time to get ready.

Label your food to discourage other models from eating it, either on purpose or by accident. Make it clear who that block of cheese belongs to!

Stacey-Monaghan-52-310x420.jpgI spoke to Stacey Monaghan about her experiences in model apartments.

In which cities have you stayed in models apartments?

Many cities all over the world! My first model apartment experience was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Followed by Singapore, Tokyo, Milan, Hamburg, Auckland and Hong Kong on multiple occasions.

What are the best things about living in a model apartment?

I would definitely say it would be the lifelong friendships and the crazy memories. I spent many years living with models, especially Brazilians girls; And some of these girls are my closet friends and I’ve had the best times and experiences with them.

What are the cons to living in a models apartment?

Where do I start? Haha! Lack of personal space! Most of the time you are sharing a room with anywhere from one model to four models at a time. Agencies charge girls exorbitant prices per month in rent and make a lot more money in rent that the apartment is even worth. I hate to say it but the apartments are very rarely clean and tidy. With that many girls living in such a confined space it can get pretty disgusting, especially the communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom! Hair alert! Eek! Up to 6 or even 8 people sharing a bathroom can mean theres a long wait in the morning trying to get ready for castings or jobs and often that causes disputes within the apartment. Lastly…theft is a huge issue. Ironically food theft haha! Who knew models eat?! I found myself replacing tubs of peanut butter like it was going out of fashion! Models get the midnight munchies and I would secretly wake up in the night to catch them in the act stealing food from my shelf or the fridge haha! Although considering the agencies allocate models the equivalent of $100 AUD a week to live on it’s no wonder we’re all so skinny!

What are your top tips for living in a models apartment?

Make sure you lock your valuables away. It may sound a bit paranoid but honestly the amount of cash and valuables that go missing within an apartment is pretty concerning. On one of my first trips one of the models was leaving back to her country while us girls were all out and she cleared the place out! Taking a laptop, digital camera and money! You can never be too trusting or too careful. Keep an eye on your food and keep any expensive pantry items in your room or write your name on things. Same goes for clothes….I’ve once found a girl wearing my nude thong once! So gross!!! Giving yourself more than enough time in the mornings to get ready is a must as well living with that many people.

Overall how have you found your experience living in models apartments?

Aside from the cons I’ve listed there are many pro’s. Overall its a pretty amazing experience that has given me memories and friendships I will carry with me for life. I look back on pictures and feel proud that i’ve survived living in so many countries and am grateful to have met so many amazing souls and have been able to immerse myself with so many different cultures and nationalities. An incredible opportunity that has shaped the person I am today, I can’t recommend it enough!

I would love to hear about your experience in a model apartment, or your top tips for living in one. Please leave a comment below!