A chat with ... Aimee Manton

Aimee-portfolio-49 Full Name: Aimee Elspeth Manton Age: 20 Based in: Australia Hometown: Lilydale, Melbourne Current Agency: Vivien’s Model Mgmt. Cities you have modelled in: Melbourne, Singapore, Japan and through Asia List of some clients you have worked for so far:  Some of my favourites - Tirade Magazine, Dior, Oscar de la renta, louis Vuitton, Saba, kookai, The journal Mag.

How old were you when you started modelling, and how did you get into it? I wanted to be a model from an early age, I was 17 when I began modelling, all my family and school friends especially (except my mum, she was very skeptical about modelling and had heard a lot about the dangers of the industry), said I should give it a go and here I am.

What are your most and least favorite parts of the industry? I love my job and feel very privileged that I get to be part of this industry, working with creatives and collaborating with new people would have to be my favorite part. I hate the client/brands dependence and need for social media, I think models should be picked on their ability, professionalism and look, not on how many followers they have. Social media has started to influence the fashion industry and not the other way around - in saying that I can see how on the other hand social media can be a great tool for creatives, company’s and models.


What has been your career highlight so far? It’s hard to pick only one, but travelling overseas and living in a different country independently from 18 years old was an amazing experience not only to work with some great clients but also immersing myself in a new culture and meeting new people.

What are your plans for the next twelve months? I tend to go day by day but, I will most likely head overseas again, I have just tied up some of my commitments in Australia so my mother agent has started pitching me overseas, but mostly to just continue working with my regular clients, and build my clientele in Australia.


If you could choose to travel anywhere in the world to model, where would you go and why? London, I have always had such a fascination with London, I love the architecture and culture. I’m English in my heritage so I would love to see where my family comes from, also if I got any spare time I would do lots of embarrassing tourist things.

What is it do you think that sets you apart from other models in this industry? Wow that’s a tough question - I am a big believer in everyone is beautiful in their own way and as models we have to conform to certain things. I don’t think much separates all of us, but if I had to say, my darker feature’s and very pale skin. A lot of clients want my strong features like my jaw and cheekbones.


Who/what would be your dream client/job? Not necessarily a client or a dream job, but a list of photographers and creatives I would love to work with Mario Testino, Pat McGrath, Chris Scolls and Russell James. The list goes on!

Do you have a signature look that clients tend to book you for especially? What is it? A lot of my stuff is Heroin chic, beach and Beauty shoots but mostly my look is pretty versatile, I like to mix things up, I feel like my look is still changing and adapting and my clientele with it.


What do you do to stay in shape? Do you have a special diet? I’m vegan, my diet is plant based which consists of nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruit (lots of fruit). I try and eat mostly raw and stay away from altered/ processed foods. My exercise regime is always changing, I need to mix it up constantly or I get bored, if I’m bored of my workouts I don’t end up putting as much effort in. It’s mostly made up yoga every morning, walking almost every weekday, (I own a Kelpie so have to get out and run her around) weights, resistant training, cardio and Pilates, I love to sweat I try to work out 6 days a week for at least 30 mins to an hour. I think exercise I very good for mental health and combating some of the stresses of being a model.

What advice would you give to a model who was just starting out? Thick skin, something you should not go into modelling without. Not everyone is going to like your look and that’s okay, learn to deal with rejection and critics and move on. Also be healthy lots of models adopt unhealthy habits, make sure you drink lots of water and eat well balanced diet… and sleep! Especially during fashion weeks, it’s important to rest, work hard and most of all have fun!

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