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My Travelling Life ... Millicent Lambert , International Model.

I am happiest ….

On a beautiful sunny day, laid out on a towel on the beach reading a good book with a cocktail.

My favourite place in the world is…

Home. Australia is one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries in the world, I love travelling and exploring new places around the globe but I always love to come back home. The south west is a beautiful and peaceful part of Australia and I love to come home and immerse myself in my happy place.

My most memorable trip was…

Travelling to Malaysia with my family. We spent one night on a national park island, exploring the island was beautiful because it was so untouched by humans and buzzing with wildlife.

Favourite travel item that is a must?

A good camera and a backpack. I love having a backpack to take with me when I am sightseeing or exploring a new place. It holds all of your stuff and it leaves your hands free for taking photos! I prefer a nice leather backpack because they are chic and aesthetically pleasing, they age well and last you a long time AND they are functional.

Best travel tips?

Pack ahead of time. I like to partially pack my bag a week or two before my trip and then re-pack it a couple of days before. That way I can re-evaluate what I initially thought I would want to take and make sure that I am packing things that I will actually use. Space in your suitcase is valuable real estate, you really want to make the most of every bit!


Put a spare outfit in your carry on bag. I have been on a few flights where my suitcase didn’t turn up at the airport when I did. Sometimes things happen and your luggage can be delayed, taking an extra day or so to reach it’s destination. So be prepared, always get travel insurance, and pack your most valuable possessions and at least one extra outfit in to your carry on suitcase just incase your luggage is delayed.

Take a simple first aid kit. It is so much easier to have a simple kit for common illnesses than it is to see a doctor or go to a chemist overseas. Ask your chemist, they can point out some medications you might need.

Photo by Dave Blake Photographer -
Photo by Dave Blake Photographer -

Can’t leave home without my....

Lip treatment balm. I love a natural based beauty products especially! In cooler and warmer weather dry, chapped lips can be a problem so I make sure I have lip balm on hand to keep my lips moist and soft.

Future travel plans?

I am off to Italy in July for a month which will be amazing and hopefully after I can either travel around Europe a bit more or spend some time back in the United States!

Most comfortable and stylish plane outfit?

A warm soft knit jumper over my bamboo t-shirt with some comfy pants and sneakers!