A chat with ... Olivia Donaldson

Olivia-Donaldson-portfolio-beauty This week I got to chat to the lovely Olivia Donaldson. She is bound for big things after winning the title of "The Face" Australia (2014) tv show and is currently in the top 6 contestants for Miss Universe Western Australia Contest. With her exotic look and curvaceous figure she sets herself apart from the competition. We had a chat about life since "The Face" and her plans for the upcoming year.

Full Name: Olivia Donaldson Age: 22 Based in: Perth Hometown: Perth Current Agency: Viviens Model Management List of International agencies: Wilhelmina Models LA and NYC Previous clients: Myer, Bras and Things, Olay, Betts, Scoop, Cosmopolitan, Triumph Lingerie.

How old were you when you started modelling, and how did you get into it? I was about 14 years old and my mum entered me into the Viviens Model Search. The next day we went into the agency and the rest is history! I've been with Viviens in Australia ever since.

What are your most and least favourite parts of the industry? I guess modeling is just like any other job in the fact that there are both pros and cons. A definite highlight would be being able to travel with work and meeting/ working with the most incredible creatives. I also love how you never know what's around the corner and could be off to some fabulous destination to shoot.


What has been your career highlight so far? Whilst living in Sydney I was working with Bras and Things quite regularly which was amazing. We had such a great team and I got to shoot in some incredible places. I also loved working for Myer intimates and winning the Face Australia in 2014 and working with Naomi Campbell was a massive career highlight for me.

What are your plans for the next twelve months? Hopefully the next 12 months include a lot of travel! I'm off to Europe on a holiday with friends in a few weeks and hoping to get over to the US to spend some time with my agency over there, Wilhelmina.


You won the title of “The Face Australia”in 2014, what was that like and how has that affected your modelling career since? Being on The Face was such a whirlwind experience! I auditioned one day and the next week I was on a plane to Sydney to shoot for two months. It was definitely one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had, but also so rewarding and I am so fortunate that I was lucky to be apart of it. After winning, I moved to Sydney for the rest of the year for commitments with Olay and the show, as well as getting to work with some other amazing brands and clients. It has definitely been a defining moment in my career/ life so far.

You are currently competing for the title of Miss Universe, what was your motivation to enter into the competition and how has your experience being a contestant been so far? I entered Miss Universe after hearing from so many friends how amazing the program is. I was planning on staying home in Perth for a while so I couldn't think of a better time to try out! I was fortunate enough to make it to the Top 6 for WA and am going over to Melbourne later this year to compete for the national title.

Olivia-Donaldson-editorial What is it do you think that sets you apart from other models in this industry? I like to think of myself and not the stereotypical model, as I'm not particularly tall or very slim. I think what sets me apart, in my opinion, is my curvy body shape. I'm very passionate about setting a healthy body image for young women and the importance of having a positive attitude towards yourself.

Who/what would be your dream client/job? I've always loved shooting beauty and have done a lot of beauty work in my career, so a dream job of mine has always been getting a Maybelline contract. I would also love to be an ambassador for a major fashion house's beauty range like Chanel or Dior.

Olivia-Donaldson-Perth-portfolio-06 Do you have a signature look that clients tend to book you for especially? What is it? I tend to work for a lot of beauty or lingerie clients, so that is definitely my niche in the industry. I almost always work for commercial clients as well and very VERY rarely for high fashion or catwalk jobs!

What do you do to stay in shape? Do you have a special diet? I love to stay active! For me being active not only keeps my body in shape but keeps my mind healthy as well. I love boxing and my favorite workout would have to be Xtend Barre, which combines ballet, yoga and Pilates in one. It's such a great workout and helps to strengthen, tone and gain flexibility. I don't follow a particular diet, but at the moment I'm not eating any sugar (sounds scary but has been surprisingly easy!) and just eating a lot of greens and protein as well as lots of fruit!


What advice would you give to a model who was just starting out? I would definitely encourage young models to finish school before traveling as a model, mainly for the reason that as soon as you start traveling alone you have to really grow up and be mature so I would say to finish school and enjoy being a kid for a while! Modeling is a tough industry to break into and can take years and years until you feel like you're making a mark. You definitely need a thick skin and a healthy mind to world in this industry! If anything, I wish that I had waited until I was older to start traveling for work and waited until I was happy and confident in myself, which is something that has come with age. But in saying that, I'm really happy where I am at the moment and I'm looking forward to what this year brings!

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