How To Present Your Portfolio Professionally


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In todays modelling world your portfolio is one of your main gateways to booking jobs. Most models these days have gone digital and use technology such as the iPad where you can digitally present your portfolio to potential clients. The first thing you do at any casting is introduce yourself and offer up your portfolio for the client to view. This is a key opportunity to make a strong and lasting impression. If you are handing over an iPad with a smashed screen, a tattered case and a portfolio stored in your "photos" album you are really not presenting yourself and your services in a professional manner.

(You can get an iPad via this link if you don't already have one!)

How to have a presentable portfolio:

  • Have a clean and well kept iPad case. A well presented portfolio is contained within a case which has a flip cover for easy opening and an internal pocket for comp cards. It is safer to store them in a protected pocket than in your handbag where they will develop dog ears and creases. I recommend finding a leather or vegan leather case, they look more classy/polished and professional. They also tend to age better than plastic ones which in my experience will become dirty and discoloured.
    I found this one on amazon for about $75 AUD including shipping. (Postage took about a week) It has a pocket for my Comp Cards, a magnetic flap and an all leather pocket for the iPad. It even came with a screen cloth, screen protector sheet and a touch screen pen!
  •  Use a screen protector. If you can find an "anti reflective screen protector" get it. It prevents finger prints and is anti-shine, so it's easy to see your photos even if the sun is shining on the screen. Otherwise stick to an ordinary clear screen protector. It will also stop your screen becoming scratched and you can replace it whenever it starts to show its age.
  • Have high-definition (HD) copies of your images. No one likes pixelated photos and it comes across as unprofessional. Ask your agency for the images in HD - they will have them or can get copies for you.
  • Choose your lock and home screen carefully. This is your work device not your mobile, choose either plain, your agencies logo or modelling images of yourself. It's not classy to have a photo of your boyfriend or your dogs, and frankly it is awkward for clients to look at.
  • If your screen gets smashed, replace it immediately and use your old fashioned hard copy portfolio while it is being replaced. You wouldn't show up to a casting with all of your portfolio images ripped in half, so don't use an iPad with a screen so smashed that clients can't see your images clearly.
  • Use a professional portfolio app. There are a few on the market these days, so look around and choose one that suits you the most. I really like Social.Folio, you can read my article and review on it here. Using a suitable app will make your portfolio look more organised and professional.
  • Try to remember who the creatives were in your images. Clients will often ask who was the photographer/makeup artist/stylist/hair stylist etc or where a shot was taken. It will reflect best on you if you can remember the details or simply keep notes on your portfolio images with these details.

A professional looking portfolio is almost as important as what is contained within. Together the portfolio and its contents are paramount to how clients perceive you.

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