A chat with... A Freelance Model

Amy Pankhurst is a freelance model and creator of JustAPeach. At only 25 years old she seems to have mastered everyones goal of being their own boss. I got to have a chat with her about freelancing, jewels, and dreadlocks!

How did you get into freelance modelling and how old were you?

I was approached by a photographer finishing her degree who wanted to shoot me for her final university project. I was 21.

And why did you choose freelance over agency modelling?

I studied public relations at university and so I was confident in representing myself.

What are the best and worst parts of being agency free?

Best part is that you're completely in control of your own look and how you are represented. Worst part is some assume you are not as professional as an agency model. I've walked a few runways where I was the only freelance model and treated by other models as inferior to them. Once they realise that is not the case it's amusing to see how they react differently.

What has been your career highlight so far?

I walked in over 30 runways in 2014, including for urban couture where I walked for more designers than majority of the other models involved. I've also been on the cover of arsenic magazine which is an international publication based in LA and published more times than I can remember.

What is your worst shoot experience?

Standing in ocean water in winter in a bathing suit whilst trying to look like I am not freezing my nips off.

Who would be your dream client to shoot for?

Anyone who has a unique creative vision. I love shooting interesting concepts that make people think beyond the aesthetics of the model. People with a clear vision to better this world and the people in it.

How do you go about finding work as freelance?

I am lucky that I often am approached by creative teams with a concept they think I'll be suitable for so I am happy to wait for those opportunities rather than chase down work. I document some of my modelling through social media which often will lead to the next job.

Who are you main clients? Do they choose you especially because you are freelance?

My main clients are people who I have worked multiple times with for a period of time and include photographers who I have grown with in the industry. They include people like Ryan Ammon, creatives who have confidence in me to shoot a wide variety of concepts that will suit their agendas. Being freelance is great for me because I'm not locked into a contract and can model where and when it suits, with a wide variety of creative teams.

What is the best advice you ever received? And who was it from?

It's actually in the form of a Poem by Rudyard Kipling called "IF" and my wonderful mother printed it out for me in my teenage years when I wasn't coping at school. It's had a profound influence on my life. I have to mention a second person though by the name of Emmeline Pankhurst (women's rights activist) who said "I'd rather be a rebel than a slave".