How to prepare for Agency Digitals

Digitals a.k.a Polaroids, are something you will likely have every few months as a model. Although it will feel like its more often then that. This is the agencies way of keeping an eye on how you are looking. If you are making adjustments to your body this will help them and you, keep an eye on the progress you are making.

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Some examples of agency digitals:

It's terrifying to walk into the agency to get digitals but they are essential to have for clients. Clients need to see what the model looks like naturally, without all the makeup, hair, lighting and photoshop.The key is to look super natural but slightly enhanced.


To prep for your digitals you want to wake early and take the time to really look your best. I much prefer to have my digitals done in the morning when I will still be feeling nice and fresh, although that is just my preference. Here are some tips for looking and feeling your best before walking into your agency for digitals:

  • Do an early workout. A workout first thing in the morning will make you appear slightly more toned in your photos and you will feel more confident.

  • Shower. I wash my hair and shave my legs, underarms etc.

  • Blow dry your hair. You want it to look natural but voluminous and shiny.

  • Remove any nail polish and reapply a nude pink or clear coat. You will look more composed and polished (pun intended).

  • Moisturise the face and body. Hydrated skin will look healthy and shiny in the photos. I love this multipurpose dry body oil.

  • Apply natural makeup. Use a very light tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation just to even out tones. Apply concealer to any red spots. Dust your eyelids in a natural skin tone eye shadow and use highlighter under the brow and the inner eye. Apply a subtle cream blush to the cheeks (I use a bright orange for a healthy glow). Apply a light coat of mascara. Use a light brush of bronzer to add definition and a light coat of a tinted lipgloss on the lips. I know it sounds like a lot of makeup but it's really not that much.

  • Choose a flattering outfit. Theres a reason black is the most popular colour, it is universally simple and flattering. I like to wear a black dress or tank and shorts. I pair it with some simple nude or black heels to create length in the legs. Avoid anything with a ankle strap, they create an illusion that shortens the legs.

  • Take a bikini or matching underwear set. You will probably be asked to do bikini/lingerie digitals after your dressed ones. Don't get caught out in a nude g string and no bra.

  • Have a light breakfast. I usually wait until after my digitals have been taken to have breakfast. I recommend you have breakfast before, but stick to something light and nutritional that won't make you bloated. I recommend these bloat-free, gluten-free, vegan, low FODMAP (Healthy!) Blueberry Pancakes , they are divine!

  • Be prepared for measurements. You can bet it is likely your agency will take your measurements when they have the chance. Don't stress about it, but still be prepared. I


Things to avoid.

You really do want to look your best for digitals as it is the image any potential client will receive when they email your agency to enquire about you. So it is very important to take them seriously. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Being late to your appointment. Your agency has a lot of other models who they could be spending time on but they made a space for you, don't make them late for their next appointment.

  • Alcohol or naughty foods the night before. Booze and junk food will bloat you and likely cause to to retain more water so you will not be looking as fit as you could have.

  • Attention grabbing bikinis/underwear. Anything with glitter, branding or a load of bows, will likely distract from your body shape and it also looks tacky. Try to also avoid anything to revealing, try to aim for a sexy and classy look instead.

  • Too much makeup. Aim for looking like you have no makeup on. The clients already know what you look like with a whole face of makeup.


Some words of advice.

Don't fear having your digitals taken. Your agent will take the best ones they can and they will use only the best few. Relax and be natural. The client wants to see the real you, without all the makeup and hair so remember to just be yourself. Just like any other shoot whoever is taking the photos will likely instruct you how they want you to move and what they want you to do. Try to give a range of expressions but stick mostly to natural relaxed and a few smiley happy shots!

Smile and have fun with it, you are beautiful after all!

You should now be ready for your digitals. I'd love to hear some feedback from you. Do you have any pre-digitals rituals or tips for getting the most from your digitals? Please leave a comment below!

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