A chat with ... Rebecca Jacobsen

This week I got to chat with, Rebecca Jacobsen. A Perth based model and a third year law student, she proves she has beauty AND brains. A mix of Indonesian, Chinese and Australian heritage and gorgeous long brown hair, she has a very unique look that makes her stand out from the other models in the business.


Name: Rebecca Jacobsen

Agency: Viviens Model Management Perth & Melbourne

What is your star sign? Do you feel like you fit its stereotype?

My star sign is the Scorpio, which I love because I think it describes me perfectly given my fiery, strong-willed nature. Scorpios are known for being passionate, mysterious and one of the most sensual zodiacs and depending on my mood, I’m relaxed as ever or intensely ferocious (pretty much don’t get on my bad side).

What is your background?

I’m Indonesian Chinese Australian. I was born in Perth and lived in Indonesia as a young gal, then moved back to Australia and lived in Karratha and Broome before settling down in Perth at the age of 7. I love being mix ethnicities because it makes be stand out, which is especially beneficial in the modelling industry. Being part of both cultures is such a blessing but I definitely consider myself an Aussie at heart!

When did you start modelling and how did you get into it?

I’ve been modelling for about 5 years. I was scouted by my current agency Vivien’s Model Management at a Festival and have enjoyed every day of it.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Picking one particular job is a hard one, but the most gratifying jobs are the ones with a great team, working with amazing, hilarious people make the best days and make the job a breeze, it’s one of the main reasons I love working in this industry. Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is always a goodie because you get to spend most of your days screwing around with the other models. I did a recent shoot the other day with a couple other models on a farm/vineyard riding motor bikes and shooting on old car skeletons which was super cool and exiting. It’s those kinds of shoots that doesn’t make this feel like a job at all.

Who would be your dream client to work for?

My dream has always been to work for Victoria Secret, weather it being the VS shows or editorials, that would be my ultimate goal.

Rebecca Jacobsen backstage MYER.

What is your favourite thing about modelling? and what is your least favourite thing?

My favourite thing would have to be being able to work with such amazing clothing and products, being dressed in latest trends and having your hair and makeup professionally done is always a plus. Meeting sick and interesting people is also a high perk, plus the Mullah doesn’t hurt either ;). My least favourite thing would be the waiting around or having to deal with unprofessional people. Seedy individuals are a massive hate for me, but you learn to deal with dodgy people and it’s taught me to not take any crap.

Whats your favourite food? Do you eat a certain diet to keep in shape?

My favourite food is a tough one! I love food soo much it’s hard to choose one, but I can never say no to carbonara and oysters. Also I love anything that involves potatoes. I’m not on any crazy or strict diets. I eat what I feel like, starving yourself to be the perfect image is definitely not my kinda thing. I just stick to average portion sizes and exercise often as I can in-between Uni, work and socialising.

What is your worst shoot experience to date?

My worse shoot experience would have to been when I first started off in the Modelling industry, I wasn’t’ fully signed with an agency at the time and was too trusting. The job was for a big Perth clothing brand (that shall not be named). I was told it would be just a test shoot to see how I photograph for ‘experience’… but when I arrived, there was 4 other girls, who had all been told the same thing. It ended up being a shoot for the brands look-book. The photos consisted of me standing dead still, lifeless with our heads cut out,  the image being useless for my portfolio. I was there from 3pm to 12am trying on dozens of dresses for unpaid work.

Who is your style icon?

I had always had a massive girl crush on Kendall Jenner, her street style is phenomenal and her clothing is highly enviable. At times when I’m feeling experimental and outrageous, Rihanna is my go to inspiration.

What is your go to outfit?

I’m a great fan of simplicity with a hint of gracefulness. At the moment I love chucking on palazzo pants and a singlet with Birks.

3 Things you never leave the house without...

I’m always carrying a water bottle, my Dr.Lipp lip balm and of course my phone!

Describe yourself in 3 words...

Energetic, Passionate, Memorable.

What do you do for fun on your days off?

I hardly get days off trying to balance Uni, my retail job, my law clerkship, socializing and family, so when I do get a day off I try make the most of it. On my days off I’ll usually spend the day tanning at the beach and then having lunch with friends or with the boyfie, Jimmy C.


Your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is loss of loved ones. I keep my friends and family dear to my heart. Having experienced family death, it’s one of the worst feelings possible and something that I dread.

How do you prepare for a shoot? The night before I: - wash my hair - clean my nails - apply moisturising facial - shave - double check details of job e.g. location, time.

The day of I pack everything I need: - snacks and water - intimates - change scarf - Uni work and Ipod - assortment of heels - and anything else specified by my agent/client.

Whats the best advice you have ever been given and who gave it to you?

“It will all get better with time”. My mum passed it on to me at a hard time during my life and at the time I never really thought twice about what my mum was actually telling me. But it’s true, something that’s unbearably painful at the time does get better eventually. It’s advice that applies to all life hardship.

What are your plans for 2016?

I just started my 3rd year of law and I’m hoping to accomplish a lot academically. I also want to travel a lot more this year and commit to more spontaneous trips down south, I love road tripping to Dunsborough with my boyfriend and visiting his family down there.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into modelling?

I get so much enjoyment out of modelling so I would definitely recommend it! You need to have a strong head on your shoulders and don’t’ take it too seriously and just have fun!

Check out  Rebecca's personal instagram: @rebecca_jacobsen

You can view Rebecca's portfolio on viviensmodels.com.au

(All images sourced from Rebecca's profile on the Viviens Model Management Website.)

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