A chat with ... Tammy Stone

I had a chat with Tammy Stone, a Perth based model with almost 10 years experience modelling interstate and internationally.

She's graced the pages of magazines from Sydney to Munich and even danced in  Duran Duran's Music Video.

Now 23, married with a gorgeous daughter and still posing for the camera. What a babe!

Name: Tammy Stone (Willis)
Agency: Viviens Model Management
Located: Mandurah/Perth

What is your star sign? are you true to the stereotype?

I'm a Cancer and quite literally. I've never been one to believe in the star signs but looking up 'Cancer' it sums me up quite well. Cancer, also known as the crab is known for being very emotional and this is definitely true for me, I feel things a lot, whether it's happiness or anxiety, love or disappointment. I also feel things for people, when hearing things on the news about children being hurt or kidnapped you can guarantee I have tears streaming down my face. When my friends hate a boyfriend, I hate them 10 times more or when I fight with my husband and he seems fine but I feel like I'm dying a slow painful death. Haha. Cancer's are homebodies, which I definitely am but I think my best trait as a Cancer is loyalty. I'll always have your back, no matter what!

What is your ethnic background?

My mum is English and my dad is half English, half German. I was born in the UK but I have lived in Australia for 14 years so I consider myself at least a little Aussie!

When did you start modelling and how did you get into it?

I got signed to Viviens when I was almost 14, I was scouted by Christine Fox (Manager, Viviens Models Perth) while at Adventure World with my family, she was on maternity leave with her daughter. I still laugh about it to this day because I remember she asked me if I knew who Gemma Ward was and I had absolutely no idea. Let's just say I was a tomboy. I've been with Viviens ever since!

What has been your career highlight so far?

My career highlight recently changed, if you'd have asked me a year ago I would have said dancing around in lingerie spraying bottles of champagne everywhere for Duran Duran's music video, but since doing the swim resort show a few months ago where I was lucky enough to lead the finale with my beautiful daughter Ava. I can honestly say I can't top that! I've done some pretty amazing shows and shoots but nothing could top that day, it was the proudest moment of my life!


Would you like your daughter Ava to follow in your footsteps?

If modelling was something Ava wanted to do I would support her. I never want to be the dream killer mum , I'll support her 100% in whatever she wants to do in life, as long as it doesn't involve a pole and stripper heels...

How did you get back into shape after having your daughter Ava?

I started back at the gym when Ava was just a few months old, doing weights and cardio with a balanced diet. Before I could go back to the gym I'd go for walks with her in the pram.

Who would be your dream client to work for?

Honestly there are so many clients I would love to work for that it's hard to pick just one. But if I had to choose I would say Victorias Secret. It's probably every girls dream to strut down a catwalk with famous singers, getting to shake your bootay and wear million dollar bras. *insert dreamy face here*

Worst shoot experience to date?

I've been quite lucky really, I haven't had any really terrible shoots although shooting underwear in the middle of German winter, in snow, wasn't fun! #frostbite #fripples

What is your biggest fear?

Clowns! I am petrified of clowns. Super lame but legit. Haha . I once went to the Royal Show with some girlfriends and this creepy clown noticed I was avoiding him at all costs and decided it would be funny to chase me, I cried. What an asshole right? My friends thought it was hilarious.


What is your favourite type of food?

That's a hard one! I love food in general ! My favourite snack would have to be chocolate. My favourite meal would probably be indian food. I looove curry!

Who is your ultimate style icon?

I don't really have a style icon...I've always been the type to just throw something together, I never really look at someone and try to look like them... Most of my life I've been a huge tomboy so I'm not very good with style.

What's your go-to outfit?

My go to outfits these days would honestly be something really simple and comfortable. In summer, shorts and a light top. And in winter I'd say a pair of jeans and a Tee with boots.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Hmmm.... I asked my mum for this one. She said: Caring, Funny and Loving. I agree with the funny part, I'm hilarious!

What is the best advice anyones ever given you?

Everything happens for a reason. Which I believe now. Also , to never leave without saying goodbye, whether you have had an argument or your just popping out to the shops. You never know when that could be the last time you see someone or they see you. Sounds morbid but it is something to live by... Life really is short. Love harder, hug tighter, laugh louder and don't take yourself to seriously!

What advice would you give to a new model who was just starting out?

My advice is to be yourself. Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated. Be polite and kind, you're all there to do the same job, whether you're the model, stylist, or assistant. You're all there to get those perfect pictures. Don't walk around like you're Naomi Campbell - No once likes someone with their head stuck up their arse. Always be on time and professional. Don't rock up late like you just don't care, people don't want to wait for you. If you're not comfortable with something speak up. Also remember your agency is there to help you. I remember being 14 and being so intimidated walking into the Viviens office, thinking they would be judging what I was wearing or how I'd styled my hair - It's totally not like that at all! The Viv's girls are like family to me. The number of times I've called them freaking out about something or asking 1000 questions about something. That's their job and they're always happy to help you and put your mind at rest. So if you're worried, call them. If you have a question, ask them. They won't bite your head off.


You can follow Tammy on Instagram here! @tammy.stone.viviens

And you can view her portfolio here.

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(All images sourced from viviensmodels.com.au or Tammy's personal Instagram.)