How to get #NOFILTER Gorgeous

It's not as hard as you think to get that #nofilter beauty. It all comes down to 2 main components: Gorgeous skin and healthy, silky hair. Once you have nailed these it's as easy as a coat of moisturiser, a slick of tinted lip gloss and some fantastic soft lighting.

How to get healthy glowing skin.

- Moisturise your face and body daily, especially if you have dry skin or you are in a bitter winter overseas. Dry, scaly skin is a big no-no.

- Drink 2 Litres of water daily. This will keep your skin and lips hydrated and it has about a million other health benefits. Hydration really is the key to great skin. The skin is a reflection of inner health don't forget!

-Remove your makeup before bed. This can be a pain in the butt, especially if you are exhausted, but there is a magical cloth that can do this for you reasonably effort free. It's called the makeup eraser,and it wipes off all your makeup with just a microfibre cloth and warm water. Avaliable from eBay with free shipping $35 AUD

-Eat a diet high in nutrition . You are what you eat, you need to look gorgeous from inside out. A great diet will prevent wrinkles and ageing, dull skin, it also can improve the skins collagen levels and ability to bounce back.

- Sleep on your back and use a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on your back is proven to prevent wrinkles as your face isn't smoothed together for 12 hours. (People who tend to only sleep on one side usually get more wrinkles on that side.) And a silk pillowcase will prevent wrinkles even more as it leaves no crease marks on the face and is gentle on the skin.

How to get healthy silky hair.

- Limit your heat styling. Opt for heatless styling or use a protection spray before using any heated products. Your hair will stay healthier for longer and you'll get a lot less split ends. There are so many awesome heatless styling ideas on Pinterest. - Don't brush your hair when its wet, instead try use a wide tooth comb to gently remove the knots. A brush is too harsh on wet hair and will rip out a lot of hair or stretch and damage the hairs. Wait until your hair is dry before brushing. - Use an intense hair treatment once a month to restore moisture and shine to dull hair. If your hair is really dry/damaged try using a less intense treatment once a week. (I love a hot oil hair treatment, or you can try coconut oil) I also like to use a leave in conditioner/treatment like Moroccan oil each time after I have washed my hair. - Do not over-wash your hair. Washing you hair just every second day in summer and 3 times a week in winter is enough. Over washing will just over stimulate the oil glands on your scalp and your hair will go oily really quickly, but your ends will be super dry.

The best #NoMakeup makeup.

Try using just a very light application of tinted moisturiser or concealer over any uneven skin tone or red spots. If you don't own a tinted moisturiser try mixing 1 part of foundation with 1 part moisturiser, mis thoroughly and voila! There you have a tinted moisturiser. Apply as per usual. Remember the more natural the better, you only want very sheer coverage here. Use a concealer to hide any spots or red areas.

Brush a very light coat of mascara through your top and bottom lashes. This will instantly open up the eyes and make you look awake and fresh. Try use brown mascara if you are blonde like me, its a lot less intense and very natural looking. Or you can try rolling the mascara wand back and forth over the back of your had a few times before applying. This will reduce the amount of product on your mascara wand and will deliver a much more natural look to your lashes.

For the lips your best option is a red or pink lip tint. A very tint will give your lips a healthy, plump look. You can top up with a bit of clear gloss to emphasise this if you like. Remember even the most natural colour lipstick will still not look natural.

Finish off with a really subtle peachy cheek tint. I love love love the Gladiola (bright orange) by Stila. The bright orange shade surprisingly gives you a very fresh dewy look and is a lot more subtle than you would think from looking at the colour.   Find it here.  Apply sparingly to the cheeks by gently pressing a small amount of product into the skin until well blended.

You should be looking like yourself, only better. Try to enhance your own beauty not cover it up!

I would love to hear what you think? Do you have any #nofilter tips? Let me know and leave a comment below!